VCKC Sea Kayak Event Calendar

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 10 VCKC Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Feb 07 VCKC General Meeting
Feb 13 Family Day Paddle & Social
Feb 15 Kayak Instructors Meeting
Feb 23 Canoe and Kayak Meeting
Mar 07 VCKC General Meeting
Mar 11 Kayak Basic Skills Course
Mar 18 Introduction to Currents - Sea Kayak Clinic
Apr 02 Kayak Basic Skills Course
Apr 04 VCKC General Meeting
Apr 08 2017 Wake Up the Gorge
Apr 22 Spring Clean-up: Gorge Waterway Shoreline
May 02 VCKC General Meeting
May 07 Kayak Basic Skills Course
May 13 Kayak Basic Skills Course
Jun 03 Level 1 Sea Kayak Skills - 2 day course
Jun 06 VCKC General Meeting
Jun 12 Inflatable PFD Info Session
Jun 17 Skill clinic - Crabbing
Jul 04 Canoesday!
Jul 04 VCKC General Meeting
Jul 11 Canoesday!
Jul 18 Canoesday!
Jul 25 Canoesday!
Aug 01 Canoesday!
Aug 01 VCKC General Meeting
Aug 08 Canoesday!
Aug 12 Kayak Basic Skills Course
Aug 13 Kayak Basic Skills Course
Aug 15 Canoesday!
Aug 15 Sea Kayak Stroke Clinic
Aug 17 Sea Kayak Rescue Clinic
Aug 22 Canoesday!
Aug 27 Sea Kayak Introduction to Currents Clinic
Aug 29 Canoesday!
Sep 04 VCKC Fall BBQ, General Meeting and Boat Moving
Sep 05 VCKC General Meeting
Sep 10 Sea Kayak Introduction to Currents Clinic
Oct 01 Club Flatwater Paddle
Oct 03 Kayak Instructors Meeting
Oct 03 VCKC General Meeting
Oct 08 Club Flatwater Paddle
Oct 29 Tie-One-On and How to Pack your Kayak
Oct 29 How to make your own Greenland paddle
Nov 04 Fall Clean-up: Clubhouse & Grounds
Nov 18 Flatwater Paddle
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