Club Officers and Directors  

 Officers President  Joe Boyd 
  Vice-President Tim Marks 
  Treasurer  Mark Sondheim  
  Secretary Hélène Poulin 
  Past President Linda Thomson
Directors  Canoe  David Dorosz 
  Dragon Boat co-director Kim Capson 
  Dragon Boat co-director Paula Gough 
  Kayak Roy Scully 
  Marathon Canoe Darrelle Butler 
  Outrigger  Jennifer Yee
  Voyageur  James (Phil) McEvoy   
  Education, Standards, Safety Ken Gibbard       250 477-4656 
  House/Grounds Maintenance Sandy Rattray     250-386-9144 
  Membership Muriel Johnson  
  Storage (Boat & Locker) Arthur Caldicott  
Directors at Large#1 Social Convener Jean Chandler      250 727-6923  
  #2 Events & Volunteers Jennifer Yee
 #3 Events & Volunteers Bill Buckley    
 Board Appointed  Newsletter Editor Susan Logan
  Webmaster Arthur Caldicott

The clubhouse occupies the ground floor of a heritage building located at  355 Gorge Rd. W.   Victoria, BC   V9A 1M9

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