• 05 Mar 2017 10:00 PM | Victoria Mann (Administrator)
    Wake Up the Gorge is an OC6 sprint race - and therein lies a hidden skill.

    In longer races, the outrigger, depending on wind, tides and currents, is more or less moving forward 99% of the time.

    A sprint race calls on another essential skill, the art of the turn. Sprint races are won or lost depending on how well the turn around the buoy is accomplished.

    Sprints are spectator-friendly; watching the first boat to reach the buoy and execute the turn can be very exciting, as the trailing boat seems to catch up with the boat in the turn.

    We've all seen a trailing boat execute a near perfect turn and wind up ahead of the leader.

    It's great fun to participate and fun to watch. And there's food and prizes.

    See you at the
    Victoria Canoe & Kayak Club, 355 Gorge Rd W, Victoria, at 9 am, April 8 – OC6 and 9 am, April 9 – small boats and longer races.

    For more information, click here.
  • 20 Dec 2016 8:36 PM | Victoria Mann (Administrator)

    Once again VCKC welcomes spring ... well early spring anyway -  with Paddle For The Kids, our annual fund raiser to benefit the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities.  

    Get acquainted with PFTK by clicking on the link below.  Then consider clicking the Register button to join the email communications list and find out about how to join dozens of other members for a series of organized Sunday paddles in Voyageurs culminating in the Big Day Finale 2017.  Whether you're a Voyageur fan already or have never been close to one but always wanted to give it a try - the PFTK project is your ticket.  

    This program supports one of the worthiest of causes - Camp Shawnigan, a summer camp for disabled children, as well as offering a golden opportunity to paddle a variety of venues with other enthusiasts.  Sign up for upcoming communications about the where and when by first cliking the link below, then the Register button.  Note that we imported the volunteer list from last year to seed the roster, so don't be surprised if the link indicates you are already registered - that just means your email address is already on the 2017 list for update emails.   Paddle For The Kids- 2017 roster

  • 18 Dec 2016 5:30 PM | Victoria Mann (Administrator)

    There are a number of Voyageur brigades being planned by various groups for next summer in honour of Canada's sesquicentennial.  An excellent overview of these trips is provided in the Voyageur Brigade Society Newsletter below.   To help connect paddlers with the organizers of these trips, those that have generated local interest for Vancouver Island participation have a registration option where you can provide your email address to receive updates about specific trips if you want to join a brigade a a member of a team from Vancouver Island. 

    Brigades are joined as part of a team, so the first step is to collect the names and email addresses of interested parties to determine the level of interest, and from there decide if one team or more can be formed and registered, etc.

    2017 CVBS Winter Newsletter  - Canadian Voyageur Brigades  Click for a great overview of all brigades.


    Brigade teams being formed from the Island - sign-up for info:


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